It’s 1967. I’m not yet born, but I can hear them talking…. For a long period of time, I don’t understand language, but eventually, I am able to understand on some level.

“Ah, a female, she’ll be perfect.” One voice says.

“But she’s not due until late January”. Another responds.

“That’s allright. We’ll just induce…. you know we want her to be premature anyway.” The first voice says, matter-of-factly.

“What will we do to make sure of it this time? The last few weren’t sensitive enough, despite their premature births & the ritual drownings at 3 years old.”

“Well… we could name her after an animal. Animals are said to be more sensitive than people.”

“That won’t be enough. Remember? We already tried that… We have Katies after katydids, and for short they’re called Kat, yet they just didn’t have enough. Even the most recent Cathy who used the nickname “Cat” didn’t seem to take too well. Then there’s the Dougs, like dog, yet it just isn’t enough.”

“Well, she is being born on 12/12 because of the Greek word ‘mu’, remember? The 12th leter of the Greek alphabet & ‘sic’ meaning ‘as intentionally so written’. Don’t forget this one: Mu-sick? Ha ha ha ha! It all reads like a cosmic bad joke, doesn’t it? We’ll have to put something out there in the popular culture, like a cat character in a cartoon or something…. with a name like ‘Mew’… but that will happen much later.”

“Still, not enough. We have plenty who were born on 12/12, but it just wasn’t quite enough. We’ll use music, movies, and television to program her.

“What do you mean by ‘not enough’? The adoptive mother has a 4/4 birthdate, so she’ll ‘the emperor’ card… you know, a narcissist, self-absorbed, control freak on a power trip. By making the child a 12/12, she’ll be ‘the hanged man’, which will put a deep sadness in her from the start, you know, on the metaphysical level. The curse will make her life upside-down. We’ll use the Thoth deck, because of the upside-down ankh. Of course, the adoption will give her the attachment disorder, among other things. Oh, and make sure you keep her from the new family for at least 6 weeks.”

“Yeah, I know. I remember the Harry Harlow rhesus monkey study he did 2 years ago.”

“Don’t forget the Catholic Bible.”

“Oh yeah, the whole ‘Mary’ thing.”

Oh mommy… where are you? I cannot hear your voice. Who are these people? Why are you letting them do this?

“We already have her going into a Catholic family. Since she’ll have the initials C.A.T., her programming will be even more related to Catholicism… you know, Jesus, Mary, the whole bit! In fact, at one point in her adulthood, we’ll put a band out there called, ‘The Jesus and The Mary Chain’, get it? Cause eventually, through those implants in her ears, we’ll convince her that she’s Jesus, Mary, God, an Angel, the Devil, a Demon. Do you get it? Oh yeah…. and we’ll get a band out there called “Muse”… that’ll really fuck her head up.”

“Yes, I think I understand. Seems an awful thing to do to a human being.”

“Aw, she’s just food for ‘them’, anyway. The tarot curse will keep her from excelling & meeting her full potential, which will give us even more inspiration that we can dole out to those supported by the system. We’ll use those cards to make sure she is mostly tied to the Thoth deck. Ya know, like flashcards. I mean, their archetypes are already in the collective consciousness anyway, so just being born on that birthday screws her. By tying her specifically to the Thoth deck, the serpent class gets every bit of her creativity and inspiration from her higher self that feels the metaphysical sabotage that’s been done to her.”


“We’ll make sure she doesn’t get too much faith, though, or it will mess our goals right up, so we cannot let her get past first communion.”

“Yes, you’re right about that, sir. I imagine her adoptive parents will show enough hypocrisy in their religious practices to cause that deep-seated confusion about God & religion.”

“It will be interesting to watch this one play out. We’ll have to keep a close eye on her.”

“How do you expect we’ll do that?”

“Remember the CIA ‘acoustic kitty’ project?”

“I thought they abandoned that project earlier this year.”

“Only on actual cats. This child will get those implants, and will never know it, until it is too late.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Any transmitter can easily be made into a receiver. Throughout her life, we will transmit all sorts of subliminal messages into her head during her sleep. We’ll make her sick, and then blame her for it later. When she tries to say something about it… we will have already done our smear campaign, made her look like a bad person, so they’ll call her crazy & have her locked up. It’s the ultimate double-bind, which by the way, has been shown to induce symptoms of schizophrenia.”

“Oh. I see. So this one will be the acoustic Cee-Ay-Tee.”

“You got it. This one’s the test for the others. Of course, she’ll get the standard dose of trance-inducing television, allowing for our post-hypnotic suggestion to work on her.”

Others? What are they talking about mommy? What others? What are they doing?

“Other’s? What others?”

“There are whole crops of these people. We want something more out of them while they wait to be absorbed. We want all that creativity and knowledge of the higher self that somehow knows they are being used in this way.”

“Fertile ground.”

“Exactly. Once she’s into her teens and adulthood, there will be all kinds of music playing on her programming put in place at an early age, before she can remember. That will mess her head right up. In fact, we’ll even call one of the bands, ‘Muse’. How do ya like that one?”

“Ironic, sir.”

“I know. Wait ‘til you see what we end up doing to her with those implanted ‘headphones’.”

“What do you mean?”

“By whispering message through those implants during her sleep, we can probably make her feel any way we want her to. This way, we can be sure she stays sad and confused, and feeling desperate. We want her to be a drug addict.”

“Won’t it be enough for the parents to bully her, and leave her alone?”

“No, it never is. Without the subliminal influence, the child is usually able to recover in adulthood.”

“So, what then?”

“When she has her second child (because she is programmed to) her doctors will find cervical cancer, and she will need to have a procedure to remove it. During that procedure, we will mutilate her, so that her root chakra is so affected that her security needs become magnified… he he… as if being metaphysically upside-down wasn’t enough. This one has the capability to become very spiritual. We don’t want that. By destroying her root chakra, she’ll never be able to grow spiritually.”

“Won’t she know something was done to her?”

“Not right away, because she’ll be under a general anesthetic when it happens, the memory will be repressed. Once it comes out, no one will believe her. It, combined with voices that will become audible around the same time, will drive her nuts. She’ll realize her whole life was orchestrated, but we’ll then blame her for her reaction to such an unnatural set of circumstances. It’ll be hilarious for us, but torture for her, along with all the physical pain we’ll be putting her through with the upcoming EH/OS campaign. ”

“Ah, I see then…. but… Why are we doing this?”

“You don’t want to know. Suffice it to say that she is a sacrifice.”

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